BREEAM is a leading sustainability assessment for infrastructure and buildings.  It covers a number of lifecycle stages such as New Construction, Refurbishment and In-Use.  BREEAM  promotes best practice for all aspects of sustainable property development.  BREEAM is owned by BRE Global.

The BES 6001 Standard secures certification to demonstrate that building products certified against the scheme have been responsibly sourced.


Why Should I seek to achieve BES 6001 Certification?

If you export your product to the UK you may become aware of the UK Contractors Group which represents over 30 leading construction companies.  This group represents a third of the UK construction industry turnover.

What materials are covered by BES 6001?

Any building product can be certified against the Standard

How long does it take to get certified?

The time frame from application of certification including implementation of the requirements to meet the standard can take six to eight months.

What is the certification process?

The client appoints ARC Management to implement the BRE Process.  Evidence of to support certification is sent to BRE.  BRE sends a pre-assessment report back to the client.  BRE undertakes a site audit.  BRE sends the client a final report which is signed by the client, this report is reviewed by BRE and a final certification score is determined, the certificate is issued to the client.  Your BES 6001 Certificate lasts for three years, however, there is an annual verification process.  You will be listed to BRE Green Book Live once the certification is complete.  To get started simply call ARC Management.