The LEAN Green Programme is sponsored and administered by Enterprise Ireland with funding available to (E.I) clients only.

The Programme incorporates good environmental practices and performances in how companies manage their waste streams utilising a recognised environmental management system such as ISO 14001 and how you manage your energy streams using ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.


Who sponsors and administrates the LEAN Green Programme?

Enterprise Ireland administer the LEAN Green programme and is confined to E.I. clients only. ARC Management are approved by E.I. to deliver the LEAN Green Programme. We will assist you with the E.I. application process.

How do I know if I am eligible for financial support?

Firstly, you must be a client of E.I and meet their criteria for any financial support. To determine if you meet E.I’s requirements your first step is to contact your E.I development advisor to discuss your eligibility for Green Funding. WE can then work with you on your E.I Application assuming you meet E.I’s criteria.

What financial support is available?

If you are an E.I client and meet all their criteria and obtain their approval the LEAN Green Programme is structured as follows:

Green Start

Total Project costs up to 6,300 Euro, max E.I grant is up to 3,150 Euro.

Green Plus

Total project cost is up to 70K, maximum E.I grant is up to 50%, all subject to E.I approval and application process.

What is the time frame to complete a LEAN Green Programme?

Assuming you receive full approval from E.I. the programme time frame is as follows:

LEAN Green Start

Seven Days over 8 to 12 weeks.

LEAN Green Plus

Lean Green Plus will typically be 6-12 months in duration.